Glassprimer™ GPWB128 waterbased glass paint

Glassprimer™ GPWB128 waterbased series glass paint is used to permanently back paint glass for various interior architectural and decorative colored glass applications. The organic properties of GPWB128 makes painting glass easier than ever. This paint can be applied on-site to interior glass without strong odors and difficult clean up. Since this paint is environmentally friendly and easily cleans up with water, glass can be painted almost anywhere! Glassprimer™ GPWB128 can cure at room temperature but curing can be greatly accelerated with heat.

Glassprimer™ has gone through extensive research to formulate this unique glass paint that is permanently bonding, environmentally friendly, low odor, easy to use, and easy to clean up. Glassprimer™ GPWB128 is a self priming, surface molecular modifying (nanotechnology) waterborne glass paint.

Glassprimer™ GPWB128 is extremely durable. This paint is scratch resistant and permanently bonds to glass with no risk of cracking, peeling, and de-laminating. GPWB128 has great color retention and is designed to be used for interior and exterior applications for colored glass backsplashes, colored glass splashbacks, colored glass counter tops, colored glass table tops, colored glass counter tops, colored glass walls, colored glass home accents, colored glass furniture accents and much more…

**If your back painted glass application requires maximum performance, durability, UV resistance, and installation adhesive compatibility,  We recommend using Glassprimer™ GPPP083 solvent based glass paint.


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